Oh, I'm terrible with blogging.

I've met so many wonderful owners of animals who I have done custom orders for...and so many adorable anials: donkeys, goats and pigs.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


This is Dominic - What I like about custom orders is that I get to study photos of the animals - all thier markings, and those sweet faces.  My only wish is that I could visit all the animals I have worked on and of course the humans too.

All custom orders come with a 2" x 2" canvas painted in the animal's likeness. 

Here are two sweet piggies ordered from a wonderful customer in New Jersey.


Onward to the holiday ornaments, etc.   Goodbye Fall, although with are still in the midst of you.




Oh my, am I behind the times!!!!!


Last time I wrote, it was about my rabbits.  Now several months later, it's on to donkeys, goats, sheep and commissions.


Although I do love my little girls and angels, I am an animal loving girl - that means not eating them either.  I volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Maryland (where we moved from).  Yes. I scooped pig and cow poop, scrubbed the chicken coop and their poop.  Seems that there was a lot of poop involved.   But, I could then wander and sit with goats in the pasture, hold a sheep who couldn't walk and stroke a baby cow.  This was heaven for me.  


I may not be able to do so now (until I find a sanctuary) but what I CAN do is create all the farm animals I want.  I can paint their little faces, make their tummies round, paint flowers around their necks and YES, talk to them to say it's going to be alright.  I can also give 10% of my sales to a sanctuary.


I can also paint their portraits. How blessed I am.

Officially Spring has arrived but right now it's with a small "s".  Wind with up and down temperatures and me with another bout of Strep throat - fun, eh?  


Between my last post and today, more rabbits have been created - more Mother's and Babies.  Each baby has an initial which I find more appealing than a name.  Names are personal and I like to allow my customers to use their imagination to come up with one.


This is Mother and Baby "P".  Each baby is removable from mother's hands.  I must admit, I have fallen in love with these little ones.  


I've recently "potted" Mother and Baby "L" into a paper container.  It is so much fun and relaxing to make tiny things like the silk cocoon flowers.


Hopefully tHe March winds will die down so I can do some flower potting. But I'm just getting started with my hares.

I've made rabbits before but decided to try them again this time with dresses and babies.


The technique is just the same as everything i make with cotton batting. I did wrap them a bit differently though.  I continually go back to the first woman who introducted this form of art to me - Vintage by Crystal.  I can't wrap like she does and I don't you spun cotton - I can manage cotton batting very well.  She has a way of wrapping her creations which makes perfect sense.


I've come to the conclusion that I make these because they give me pleasure. Each one has her own personality which only comes alive when she's wrapped in cotton and her face is painted.  it's always a surprise.


They give me such pleausre and of coure I do have conversations and I've been known to take them to breakfast.  More on that later.


Well, I certainly have been amiss posting here. 


The Fall was very busy getting ready for my first Holiday Market here in Manchester, NH.  The very first introduction of the Moose and other friends.

It was a success!  So many of those who came by stopped to chuckle and purchase.  If they didn't take a friend home, they were certainly delighted and I thoroughly enjoyed telling them about this old craft.

Two months ago, two lady moose were spotted in our backyard by a neghbor. So where was i?  I'm the animal lover!!!!  Not fair!


Ever since then I've been obsessed with these sleak giants.  In my mind I call them to come again.  I can just see them coming across the brook and up the tiny hill to me.  Every day I open the shade in my bedroom and look out - I just don't want to miss them.


I have an infinity for animals that some people find ugly.  I bet there are many psychological reasons for this.  But who cares.  These gals and guys are majestic, hunted and at times, feared.  Plus, some friends of mine told me the guys stink - well, at least you can tell where they are.



Can't you just see the softness of her nose?

Knowing these animals live just beyond the brook below, makes me part of the diverse wildlife of New Hampshire.







Little Victorian style children's faces...they so lend themselves to spun cotton/batting ornaments.  These are scrap paper (found on the internet).  The tiny ones are great for dolls.  




All the scrap faces I have are of girls but there are two I have that could be boys from the Victorian period.  These two boys will be painted.  One will hold a snowball and the other a drum.




Two of my cream and children angels.


I do like "bling".  A bit of flash is always nice.  However, I'm not one for wearing frilly clothes.  However, when it comes to making angels and little girls, I just can't help myself.

One of my favorite past times is to troll the web and craft stores for tiny embellishments for my girls.  I also go to thrift shops-never know when something will hit me.  I always have an eye out for what could be used for them.  Used to be I loved shopping for clothes now look what happened!


Dresden cutouts such as the lyre, halo and wings are perfect additions. I found the heart shaped tin on the web, halved a styrofoam ball and painted it with a flake medium.  


We moved from Maryland to New Hampshire three months ago and what was I to do with my wedding dress?  All that fluff!  I decided to cut it up - I know, ouch!  But a piece of it proved perfect for her dress!  Again with the  glitter!