Ode to My Craft

Oh Spun Cotton/cotton batting figures let me count the ways.  Yes, this is an ode to my craft.  Why have I chosen to use this medium?


I am a tactile girl and the feel of cotton batting is so very soft.  I tried using the real spun cotton, but it would invariably break thus causing much frustration.  Batting can be torn into strips, feathered out and glued (I love to get my hands messy) and actually sculpted..little bits her and there.  For anywhere I need some roundness, like the donkeys' tummies, I use cotton balls inside the batting.  Oops trade secrets.


I am also making heads out of paper clay.  I used to work with clay and really enoyed it.  Now I'm able to once again feel the softness of the clay and to sculpt a sweet face.


The wire armature - no softness there.  But it's pliable enough using jewelers pliers.  It's a hoot to make this skinny wire structure and then flesh out whomever the intended is.


I've always painted.  Using brush and paint I can fashion an outfit, create a face and lovingly add a furry coat.  


There are endless possibiities creating children and animals.  I add miniature flowers, lace, ribbon, crepe paper, dresden scraps, and oh during the holidays....watch out.