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Officially Spring has arrived but right now it's with a small "s".  Wind with up and down temperatures and me with another bout of Strep throat - fun, eh?  


Between my last post and today, more rabbits have been created - more Mother's and Babies.  Each baby has an initial which I find more appealing than a name.  Names are personal and I like to allow my customers to use their imagination to come up with one.


This is Mother and Baby "P".  Each baby is removable from mother's hands.  I must admit, I have fallen in love with these little ones.  


I've recently "potted" Mother and Baby "L" into a paper container.  It is so much fun and relaxing to make tiny things like the silk cocoon flowers.


Hopefully tHe March winds will die down so I can do some flower potting. But I'm just getting started with my hares.