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Oh my, am I behind the times!!!!!


Last time I wrote, it was about my rabbits.  Now several months later, it's on to donkeys, goats, sheep and commissions.


Although I do love my little girls and angels, I am an animal loving girl - that means not eating them either.  I volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Maryland (where we moved from).  Yes. I scooped pig and cow poop, scrubbed the chicken coop and their poop.  Seems that there was a lot of poop involved.   But, I could then wander and sit with goats in the pasture, hold a sheep who couldn't walk and stroke a baby cow.  This was heaven for me.  


I may not be able to do so now (until I find a sanctuary) but what I CAN do is create all the farm animals I want.  I can paint their little faces, make their tummies round, paint flowers around their necks and YES, talk to them to say it's going to be alright.  I can also give 10% of my sales to a sanctuary.


I can also paint their portraits. How blessed I am.