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As some of you may know, I am vegan.  No, it's not easy and it wasn't always this way for me.  


As an expression of my sadness for the plight of farm animals, I created this collection.  It honors the people who rescue, the sanctuaries who shelter and the children who truly "love" animals. 


The innocence of children and animals is depicted in my Characters.  I cannot stand suffering.

The children's faces are made from antique postcards or purchased online. I enjoy rummaging through my favorite antique shop here in Manchester, NH - Antiques on Elm.  I comb through antique postcards and ephemera to find just the right ones so I can go home and cut out the faces.  I feel bad destroying the cards especially ones that have writing on the back.   I like faces from the Victorian and 1920's eras but then again any cutie will do.


All children and animals are created by my method of creating a wire armature and filling it out with cotton batting.  I love to paint and most often use watercolors.  The extra fun part is creating the outfits. I use fine crepe paper for the skirts, and add ribbons and other doo dads (best words).  


The wings are made from heavy paper.  They may have the name of the piece attached to the back.  


The rest of the Character will be designed and fashioned with my handmade crepe paper flowers and others.  


Well, I do ramble and this is enough for today.  Way too technical I think but gives you a peak into the process.

Take care my dear friends.  Kindness to you all.