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So many more experiences in making, showing and visiting.


It's important that I make.  I will admit that at times I do have to push myself.  After a show there is a hiatus and feeling of now what?  I've come to know that this is normal for me and that I need to clear out and redefine what I do.  Making my cotton batting Characters connects me to what I love-saving farm animals, the innocense of little children, another era, whimsy and sweetness.

Showing is another part of making.  Showing to my husband, who is my best supporter and showing to the public.  Besides my Instagram, Etsy Shop, Facebook and here, bringing my Characters to a show is the best.

Recently I was a vendor at a vegan market in Mass.  This venue was my first.  Food, food, food and one new friend who I'll be working with the end of September and again in December.  To see the delight in people's faces was incredible!!!!  That's what I want-to see delight in someone's eyes.  


Visiting a sanctuary!!!  I most often create from photos of animals but there's nothing like feeling, smelling (I'm very earthy) and interacting with these other sentient beings.  I need to "feel" the animal, take him/her in with all my senses.  Then I can create.

Well, I AM feeling with hugs.  The goose in named "Romeo" and he took a real shine to me.  Look at his eyes.  These photos were taken at the Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mass.  I loved every minute of the tour.