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Two of my cream and children angels.


I do like "bling".  A bit of flash is always nice.  However, I'm not one for wearing frilly clothes.  However, when it comes to making angels and little girls, I just can't help myself.

One of my favorite past times is to troll the web and craft stores for tiny embellishments for my girls.  I also go to thrift shops-never know when something will hit me.  I always have an eye out for what could be used for them.  Used to be I loved shopping for clothes now look what happened!


Dresden cutouts such as the lyre, halo and wings are perfect additions. I found the heart shaped tin on the web, halved a styrofoam ball and painted it with a flake medium.  


We moved from Maryland to New Hampshire three months ago and what was I to do with my wedding dress?  All that fluff!  I decided to cut it up - I know, ouch!  But a piece of it proved perfect for her dress!  Again with the  glitter!