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Two months ago, two lady moose were spotted in our backyard by a neghbor. So where was i?  I'm the animal lover!!!!  Not fair!


Ever since then I've been obsessed with these sleak giants.  In my mind I call them to come again.  I can just see them coming across the brook and up the tiny hill to me.  Every day I open the shade in my bedroom and look out - I just don't want to miss them.


I have an infinity for animals that some people find ugly.  I bet there are many psychological reasons for this.  But who cares.  These gals and guys are majestic, hunted and at times, feared.  Plus, some friends of mine told me the guys stink - well, at least you can tell where they are.



Can't you just see the softness of her nose?

Knowing these animals live just beyond the brook below, makes me part of the diverse wildlife of New Hampshire - I'm a little wild at times!